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Looking for the best drum lessons? Big step? This is the right place for you. Each course is designed to teach a specific skill set with step by step guidance and accountability. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner drummer or have been playing for years. I will help you become a well-rounded drummer.

Music has three sections, melody, harmony, and rhythm. Drums are rhythm instruments, they provide the beat in music. An important role in music because they define the different sections of the song. This is why music genres and cultures all around the world incorporate drums.

For younger students, parents are encouraged to sit in on the lessons or they can relax or do work in the internet ready waiting room. An annual recital is conducted for family and friends.

(4) 30-minute lessons per month = $140/month


Drum Lessons

It has been proven that when we play the drums we are performing a repetitive task. This repetition activates all the fundamental parts of our brain, resulting in improvement of mental health, coordination, social behaviors, and communication skills. Drumming can make us feel safe and supported, providing a calm sensation that can even relief severe conditions such as depression and mental trauma while developing our motor skills.

Playing the drums is also great for our physical health because we use our upper and lower body to play. This can make us burn up to 270 calories in just one drum session of 40 minutes.

If you are not convinced yet, these are some of the benefits of playing drum:

  • Stress reduction
  • Increases Academic Performance
  • Boosts Brain Power
  • Develops Confidence
  • Improves Communication Skills

If our location is far from you, we offer online drum lessons, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced. We encourage you to sign up to begin your drumming and music journey.

Take advantage of personalized lessons or Skype courses lessons.

Bring a positive attitude, a desire to learn, discipline to work hard and start your lessons today!

Drum Lessons Technique


  • Refine hand & feet techniques to avoid wasted motion
  • Learn double bass grooves and fills
  • Study the 40 drum rudiments and understand how to use them on the drum set
  • Incorporate linear playing
  • Sharpen your timing & learn how to play with a click

Music Theory

  • Improve your reading
  • Understand how to transcribe and notate music
  • Create your own drum charts
  • Learn song structure


  • Prepare for school and band auditions
  • Study different styles of music: rock, funk, country, blues, big band, latin
  • Annual recitals are conducted
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